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Co-action Device: A Study 2013
13. İstanbul Bienal
Greek School

Performative Research, 40 participant, 40 days

- Is it possible to develop new education methods in order to render visible the social contradictions wherein the antagonisms we experience collide and converge?
- Is it possible to turn the school, as an institution of communality, into a space of freedom?
- Is it possible to apply contemporary art’s means of expression and form to education methods?
- Can the school find a space of movement for itself outside the education institutions shaped by ideological influences and politics?
- How can we activate the transformative power of art in order to disrupt the constricting bureaucratic structures of institutions?
- Can the school generate the awareness of social responsibility in free individuals?
- Most importantly, how can we tackle art as an opportunity, and, within the dynamism of the workshop, initiate a process that will reinstate its core function, by way of shunning stereotypical methods of traditional education, refusing to settle for readymade definitions or take the easy way out and avoiding falling into the trap of slogans?  



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