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Vice of The Notebooks 2018
Cappadox Contemporary Art Programme Ortahisar

Curated by Fulya Erdemci and Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu (Associate Curator)

Inside the first public library of Ortahisar, founded in 1894/5 by Huseyin Galip Efendi, a local man who was the ibrikcibasi to the Sultan in İstanbul, is Voice of the Notebook (2018), a site-specific installation by İnci Eviner. Situated between the town square and Balkanderesi Valley, the library, with its architectural style embedded in a cave—as is typical to Cappadocia—represents a history of its people and their marked goal to preserve this history through literature.

Eviner says “underground settlements open up in my works as a knife blow that severs the worldly, and appears as a community that lives, untimely and uncannily in shelters and caves. This is an odd community of those that are often excluded from states, institutions, homes, and families. Moving along the borders of mind, these figures continuously attack those borders. They challenge identities ascribed to them, and are indecisive about new ones. In many of my video projects, caves and shelters are used as temporary sites for all these contestations.”

This cave library, punctuated by notebooks placed by the artist into its natural and human-made niches, becomes a metaphor for all the stories and histories, peoples and ideologies that challenge the status-quo, that are underground and hidden. The use of a notebook is implicative here as it does not have the officialdom of a textbook or reference book, but instead it signifies a more intimate and personal, perhaps, untold story. The wind blowing in and through and out of the cave will dictate the pages visible from each notebook. Eviner’s installation is, therefore, like a representation of the way memory functions: the chance and randomness of recollection like the unpredictability of the wind. She says, “these notebooks situate themselves somewhere between presence and absence, between us and the reading activity.”

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