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Is it possible to liberate the woman figure invaded by art history? While pursuing the answer to this question, it was inevitable for me to question the act of painting. I brought together my subjective gestures with the images I detached and stole away from their sources and symbolic systems. The slippery surface of computer offered me an infinite opportunity for arranging these meetings. I wanted to create intervals in this system that bothers me and which makes me feel that I do not belong by dispatching the parts of my body to new surfaces with the help of a new vocabulary I constructed.

While I was dealing with numerous sources and patterns for “Broken Alegori” in my studio, the following ideas accompanied my production process; in a world where grand narratives, heroes and myths have become extinct, images can only exist temporarily within their shadow. It is impossible to create a new image but it is possible to meet focuses develop with each other. These fragments are far from having a narrative with unity and are merely a deviant reflection of the visual narratives they once belonged to. The tension of these word-images I randomly place on the surface makes visible the desire suppressed by art history. The authority hidden in fantasies reconstruct their temporary presence on the surface as a disappointment by the cut in the infinite cycle among images.

İnci Eviner 2008

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