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İnci Eviner
5-24 Mart March 1993
Taksim Sanat Galerisi
Galeri Nev

Having had to left my country I cry / Now my place is the tents of the Huns / It weighs heavy on my heart, heavy on my eyes / As they eat the rotten flesh of sheep / I can't drink the milk they offer in copper cups / To the sound of incessant drums / They whirl and whirl till early morning / The storm thunders in the step / Till it covers all the roads with dust. A Chinese Princess who became a Hun wife.

To think about things in the object. That is what making a rhizome, that is making something that is not a root but rather drawing lines and not points means. To create a people in the desert but not species and kinds in the forests; to fill without specifying it. C. Parnet

It will shatter the black / Should you stop the white. The Secret History of the Mongols

Not a correct image, just an image. Godard

I gather (people) / Like rats / Those that are left out / Like crows / l gather / Like sheepskin / Would l like to cover you / Like sheepskin which protects against the wing / Would  I like to protect your house. The Secret History of the Mongols

Are you aware of the kind of animal that you have? G. Deleuze - C. Parnet

They feed on raw meat / Fly with the winds / on days of war / Eat human flesh / For days of movement / Store human flesh! Now having broken free from their chains in joy and are plunging forward The Secret History of the Mongols

The fading of life / The pain of the body / Aren't they all / One and the same thing? The Secret History of the Mongols

What is this ordering? It is one of sharing, sympathy. What is important is not genealogies but rather marriages and intermixtures; not admixtures but the wind, the infectious diseases, the plagues, the children and the grandchildren. The sorcerers know this well. An animal is defined more by the ordering into which it enters than by its functions, organs, species or its style. For example an object which has been transformed into a craftwork is an example of the ordering of animal-man. G. Deleuze - C. Parnet

The only thing they could show me from my daughter was their hands which had been put in a jar. The jar was numbered 24 Julio Cortazar

Things to be done immediately: Upon all external wounds these should be done: Press with one's hands directly upon the wound - to prevent a condition of shock from arising, to lay the patient low. Encyclopedia of Health

Altan Sabaray-(Yak) The spirit believed to couse the wound called a blood spot. Anonymous

And, - neither from a meeting nor a lining up, they created all from the beginnings of a stuttering and a broken line which always neighbours AND - AND what else did they do? G. Deleuze

Losing his mind upon my words. He climbed a mountain top for fear. Being so afraid as to be killed by mouth (words) He climbed a mountain top. l Bear with it my friend They are climbing the mountain tops. Now they lack the courage to open a new front. And I have left them The Secret History of the Mongols.

The nomads are always in the middle. They arise in the middle of the plains, they enter large forests, large empires. Plins, grass and nomads are all the same thing, Nomads have neither past nor future, all they have is their being, their being-woman; their wonderful beastly art. Nomads don't have a history, just geography. C. Parnet

Would you like to at least know which animal you are becoming? And especially the animal that is becoming in you? G. Deleuze - C. Parnet

CROW n. Like most birds of his family the crow has a well-organized social life and developed psychic talents. It is easy to tame it. Various methods are used in agriculture to fight against the crows; they may be shot by guns; their nests may be destroyed or they may be poisoned. The fields can be protected by nets or scarecrows. AnaBritannica

I, Cilger, bad and vulgar / Having fallen in love with / Ucin Hatun / Have become a disaster for all merkits / I, Cilger, vulgar and bad / Have become a disaster / For my own black head / To save that life of mine worth a sheep's shit / Which dark and black cave should l escape into / To save that life of mine worth a sheep's shit / Who would help me? The Secret History of the Mongols

 Morals for house builders - Remove the construction works once the house is finished. Nietzsche

When is parting painful - Should you want to really know and weigh the matters you should part at least for a period. If you have left the country for the first time, you will see that fortresses extend beyond the houses. Nietzsche

I have covered the boat with six layers of gum / l have covered its innards with three layers of tar / The carriers brought three loads of oil / Another load was spent on the tools Tufan

The sounds (of exile) went on. They realized that the (Yer-su) of the country did not want them to stay any longer. They burnt their tents, loaded their goods and children on the animals. Started the exile. When the evening came, the sounds of exile would stop. The sounds continued till the Turks came to the Turfan country. There they came to a halt. Anonymous

Metals are neither a thing nor an organism, they are a body without organs. G. Deleuze - F. Guattari

Letter - Letter is an announced visit; and the postman is a tool of sudden, unexpected occasions. Man should receive a letter once every eight days and then wash himself. Nietzsche

It is true that the nomads have no history for all they have is a geography. All that the history has done is to expel the nomads. G. Deleuze - F. Guattari

They come as the fate comes, no cause, reason, respect or occasion. Nietzsche

As they were plundering the fortified places our soldiers found a small boy. Cinggis-hahan gave this child which had a golden ring on his nose and robe with a fur lining to Mother Ho’elun Mother Ho'elun said: "This must be the child of a good man and the grandchild of a noble lineage" and brought him up as the sixth of her five children and named him Şikikan-hudhu. The Secret History of the Mongols.

"Nomads. child thieves" aren't they a significant topic at the root. G. Deleuze F. Guattari

 The horror of language for the freedom of spirit - All words are a judgement Nietzsche

You are faeces / You are a pile of dirt / Have come to kill us / Have come to save us Girard

A stubborn, dark, strong life like just being a flea, being a spider, being a humming bird like the stars in a vast black night. G. Deleuze

 With the help of Burhan-Haldun / My life was saved / Like that of a flea / With the intention of saving my life / A lonely rider / Following the tracks of the cattle / Finding shelter in the branches of willows / With the help of Burhan Haldun / Like the life of a sparrow / My life was saved l (In the meanwhile) had a great fright. The Secret History of the Mongols.

Bulan is large animal which hunts in the land of Kipçak. It has a single, vast horn which is empty like a vessel and which rises towards the sky; rain and snow may be stored inside it. When the female knees the male, and when the male knees the female drinks water from this horn. Kaşgarlı

Noology which should not be confused with ideology is the exploration of the image of thought and its history. G. Deleuze - F. Guattari

lt is said that the tribe of Üçeğe used to inhabit the slopes of the Sakcak mountain. The women of this tribe call this mountain their father-in-law.. When the mountain appears in the distance they cover their heads. Anonymous

Yes, I am a thief of thoughts / not, I pray, a stealer of souls/ I have built an' rebuilt / upon what is waitin' / for the sand on the beaches / carves many castles / on what has been opened / before my time / a word, a tune, a story, a line / keys in the wind t' unlock my mind / an' t' grant my closet thoughts backyard air / it is not of me t' sit an' ponder / wonderin' an' wastin' time / thinkin' of thoughts that haven't been thunk / thinkin' of dreams that haven't been dreamt / an' new ideas that haven't been wrote / an' new words t' fit into rhyme… / an' not t' worry about the new rules / for they ain't been made yet / an' t' shout my singin' mind / knowin' that it is me an' my kind / that will make those rules. Bob Dylan

Yayuçi waits for the soul to burn as much as the sins for the head of the soul is in a tar pit. When it burns as much as its sins, its head comes out. Then Yayuçi pulls him by the hair on its head and takes the soul to the third heaven. Introduces him to his relatives there. The soul enjoys itself in a milk lake. Anonymous

It is difficult to be a traitor; that requires creativity. One has to lose one's identity, one's face there. One has to get lost, remain unacknowledged. G. Deleuze

Put a mask on me! Dylan Thomas

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