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I met Merve in Adatepe in 2006.

When I decided to take a photograph of a group of children I went after her first. I wanted to frame childhood in her face. In Merve, who was looking out a window that opened onto the center of the paper, I saw the fragility and the dreams of a girl and the ways in which life would punish her for them. I wanted to capture rather than represent the silent alliance between Merve’s childhood and mine. I too was surprised, what was the nature of this child’s personal story that caused it to be reflected on her face like this? While I acted as an intermediary in the formation of an image such as this, I considered the tradition of portraiture in the history of painting… This expression, secret in the here and now as well as for eternity, looks not at us but at itself, how can such a brief experience of life carry so much sorrow?

It is a face that is not reflected on paper but rather that looks out from within the paper on which it is painted…

İnci Eviner


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