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You should leave space at the inner seams of your dress and especially of your panties. So that you have a place to hide when your eyes touch the ones of an other.

I nurse Two Gazelles
I am not bad at all as I am nothing.
I don't show my class or my nationality off my face.
In the evenings, I secretly open the cage
And nurse two gazelles.
I climb up to the sixth floor,
I wait for a plastic bag thrown from a high rise to space
I put all things reminding me of that into a box.
I drew a tear drop on it.

Stolen Signs
The young girl told me about someone else's condition.
She slowly pushed hers under the bed.
I turned my head the other way,
Pretending I haven't seen anything.

They pulled me aside, they pressed on my breast till I was out of breath, they pushed me and wanted me to write. I saw! They were many person(alitie)s, all together they bent to the floor. All of a sudden, someone started to scream, and all of us forgot our past at once. We started to nurse the first beast we found. Once, our bewilderment passed, the one who was the most of a poet among us said “Don’t worry you won’t get hurt!”. However, the poet had come to tell a lie.

These Reds…
As if these reds were without place
One could never make a home in them

I was very embarrassed
I was very embarrassed, I was left all naked. I searched for a place to seal my eyes. I parted the muscles that descend to my legs and slowly buried my head inside.
I was very embarrassed.
I completed my relationship with the world (I finished it).

we both love children
we love them when they are hungry
so much such as
we offered our motherhood  to some kids playing at the park
whom we kidnapped
they were kind, they let us nurse them.
now we are wandering in the dark  and
we are filling every hole opened by the rain
with blood.
so that the next day shouldn't be another day...                                                       

[email protected] İnci Eviner All Rights Reserved.