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What would it be like to classify the dozens of horrifying news stories that appear in the Turkish media every day and would this offer me at least temporary relief? To give them the opportunity to develop new narratives by inviting them to the stage sets I would design each day… in this way to purify and free myself of the disquiet that clings to me so that I can go on with my life… And I began by listing my emotional reactions.

I thought about designing a stage set; tolerable, never tolerable, livable, bearable, unbearable, unendurable, impossible, horrific, terrible, incomprehensible, I’m ashamed to be human, etc. When I brought them onto the stage I gave each of them an image; these images became their stage names, and sometimes also their pseudonyms.

For example;

Scene; Strasbourg, the European Parliament building is still in the planning stage. I use the architect’s preliminary sketches for the set design. A large crow’s head is visible in the background, its purpose is to read the historical background of what will soon take place on stage. The actor in the coliseum in the center of the parliament is about to begin the tirade that the speaker of the parliament launched the previous day. The citizens who have taken their places in the floors to the left and right of the building are rehearsing their lines by transforming themselves. On an extension of the stage, preliminary work is being done for additional buildings for immigrants.

For example;

I placed the shadow of a helicopter on the floor in the middle of the stage set I designed for Joint Action Device. A citizen beneath the shadow struggles to escape… In a room to the right we see a monkey preparing for an action that will be the first example of humanity. The monkey will enter humanity by using a stick as a tool.

İnci Eviner

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