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Drawing is a way for me to understand what is going on in my mind. The lines lay bare the pits from which these fluid images emerge, the images in which the social and the individual mingle and in which identities meet.

Drawing works like the dark caves that entertain a state of perpetual being; like a strange, restless instrument that attempts to add meaning to the shadows cast on the wall of consciousness, that constantly spits out what has been experienced, that erodes the boundaries that define what is public… At the same time it causes the artist, that is, the subject, to lose confidence; at times I can only survive this struggle by losing face. At the same time my reason, in despair, attempts to classify these images. This is a fruitless effort. What is descending into these depraved pits while trying to protect and establish the social body and what is in fact being reproduced in the tunnels of the imagination is nothing more than a faded portrait of a citizen that hangs in the air. This citizen, subject to envious attacks that are only barely legitimate, begins to classify images and situations in a desperate search for consensus.

This effort to classify constitutes a desire to have a name and a place in the world, just like history, streets, forgotten botanical taxonomies, unrequited love, extinct animals, asphalt orchids, etc.

İnci Eviner 2013

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