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Co-Action Device: I Rather Laugh
Inci Eviner, Buse Aktas, Iris Ergul, Safak Catalbas, Ecem Saricayir; with mobile performers Adnan Devran and Sırma Oztas.

“Co-Action Device” is an ongoing performative research, started as a part of the 13th Istanbul Biennial in 2013. Its sequel, Co Action Device: I Rather Laugh, will take place in Basis voor Actuele Kunst, BAK, Utrecht.

Co-Action derived from the basic urge to find “possibilities of pure fact of being together”(Agamben) triggered by and during the Gezi Park Protests, 2013. It is a reaction to political oppressions and restrictions in the many aspects of life, especially in education, aiming to create a space for resistance of co-existence alongside individual. Through cross-disciplinary interactions and coincidental encounters, the device creates a continuous and living flux between knowledge production and artistic practice in both space and time. Hence  the Device is searching new forms of collaboration and participation, is weaved through the relationality of disrupted law, invalid hairy knowledge, education under the state of emergency, faux hypotheses in upside down academic jargon, arbitrary industrial production, rhymed legislation in the fresh breath between body and language.

The Device consists of pseudo seminars- workshops, under the moderation of  Co-Action Device participants; Iris Ergul, Buse Aktas, Safak Catalbas, Ecem Saricayir, and Inci Eviner with Sırma Oztas, Adnan Devran as mobile performers and invites further participants to collaborate. Through unexpected overlappings and juxtapositions, these workshops are not entirely detached from each other,constantly searching for a new form of workshop, new terms of knowledge and artistic practice.
The process of this study stems from the searching, enveloping, gathering and collaborative power of Friendship. This power will be rustling throughout the Device, allowing us to absorb and learn its facets through experience.

*“Friendship is the instance of this “con-sentiment of the existence of the friend within the sentiment of existence itself” asserts Aristotle. Building on it, Agamben avers further that friendship has an ontological and political status, which is not solely the relationship between the subjects. So, the I and the friend; the moderators and participants in workshops; are two faces, or the two poles of this con-division or sharing. Hence friendship makes the device functioning by making such moments possible, with consenting the friend’s existence with its own.

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